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From:Anne Ramey Date:September 28 2004 4:25pm
Subject:won't start with mysqld_safe
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I had a server hacked last night and they did alot a damage, but I 
think I've got just about everything back up as normal...including a 
brand new mysql installation (4.0.21).  My problem is this.  The 4.0.21 
or the old 4.0.20 will not start using mysqld_safe and will start with 
mysqld if I don't run it as root.  there is not --user=something in my 
my.cnf which would prevent it from running as root.  I also don't 
understand why mysqld will run, but mysqld_safe won't.  mysqld_safe 
starts up and shuts right back down again without logging any errors:

040928 08:12:17  mysqld started
040928 08:12:17  mysqld ended

this is all my log says.  Any ideas?  Has anyone seem this before?  if 
not, can someone point me into the best way to debug this?  They both 
worked fine before the hack.


won't start with mysqld_safeAnne Ramey28 Sep
  • Re: won't start with mysqld_safegerald_clark28 Sep