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From:Patrick Connolly Date:September 16 2004 9:27am
Subject:Re: Anyone else having trouble contacting MySQL AB?
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Somewhere about Mon, 13-Sep-2004 at 07:23PM +0300 (give or take), Egor Egorov wrote:

|> Patrick Connolly <tuxql@stripped> wrote:
|> > I've been trying to contact MySQL AB using the "contact us" link.  I
|> > got a auto-response to the effect that I'd get a real reply in 2 days,
|> > but that was a week ago.  My question was about a login that seems to
|> > also go into a black hole.
|> > 
|> > Has anyone else experienced similar?
|> Uncommon situation. Please try again.
|> Which address you are writting to? 

Well, I've been at this for weeks now, and tried just about everything
I can think of short of turning up at the office.

I tried emailing the address I received my Order Number from, namely
hmejbert@stripped.   That one bounced.

Then I tried logging on with the login and password I was given.  Not
recognised, so then I tried sending the email address the Order number
came to (not this one) on the off-chance I made a pasting error
getting the password into the browser.  That wasn't recognised, so I
still got nowwhere.

Next I tried the "Contact Us" link
( and that's the one that sent
me the autoresponse that promised to have a real reply which didn't
eventuate.  I even tried the login and password again, but ... (guess).

I'm beginning to feel like the character in Flan O'Brien's "The Third
Policeman" about someone who's been dead for 20 years and doesn't know

I'm not really dead, am I?  Bummer that.  I was thinking of doing the
Certification exam before that happened.

It does seem ominous that others don't have the same experience.....

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