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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 15 2004 4:31pm
Subject:Re: charset latin1_de removed in 4.1.4?
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At 18:13 +0200 9/15/04, Marten Lehmann wrote:
>in 4.0.20 I was happy that German Umlauts are 
>sorted correctly (ä -> ae, ö -> oe, ü -> ue). 
>With 4.1.4 the configuration stops:
>checking "character sets"... configure: error: 
>Charset 'latin1_de' not available. (Available 
>are: binary ascii armscii8 ascii big5 cp1250 
>cp1251 cp1256 cp1257 cp850 cp852 cp866 dec8 
>euckr gb2312 gbk geostd8 greek hebrew hp8 
>keybcs2 koi8r koi8u latin1 latin2 latin5 latin7 
>macce macroman sjis swe7 tis620 ucs2 ujis utf8).
>       See the Installation chapter in the Reference Manual.
>Is latin1 in 4.1.4 able to sort correctly?
>What happens to clients that are using latin1_de 
>as default-character set, but the server is only 
>able to handle latin1? Will they receive errors?

In 4.1, character set and collation are separate.

You want character set latin1 and collation latin1_german1_ci
or latin1_german2_ci.  The differences are described here:

./configure --help will show you the relevant configuration options
to use.

Paul DuBois, MySQL Documentation Team
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
charset latin1_de removed in 4.1.4?Marten Lehmann15 Sep
  • Re: charset latin1_de removed in 4.1.4?Paul DuBois15 Sep