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From:Fagyal Csongor Date:September 13 2004 1:54pm
Subject:Re: 4.1.4a-gamma in production?
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Hi Marten,

> Hello,
> 4.1 offers some interesting new features like more secure passwords 
> and subqueries. However, this release is still labeled "a-gamma"; on 
> the other hand it shall be used for future development. What's that 
> "a" for (usually for alpha) if it's also stated "gamma"? Is gamme the 
> last step until the 4.1.4 will be released? Or will rc's follow 
> before? Is it possible to use 4.1.4a-gamma in production or is it too 
> buggy yet?

I use 4.1.4 in a production environment, and I guess many of us also do 
so. You might decide to wait for a "final" release, but even GA versions 
of MySQL have bugs. Actually all versions have bugs - you might run into 
them or might not. The "core" is usually very stable.

Considering the quality of MySQL, I think in most scenarios you can use 
it when it reaches beta stage.

- Cs.
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