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From:Santino Date:September 9 2004 8:00pm
Subject:Re: License question
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At 16:30 -0700 9-09-2004, Mauricio Pellegrini wrote:
>Sorry to ask this in here. If it's not the right place please ignore the
>I want to know if someone could claim a license upon an application wich
>was developed using Php and a non-commercially-licensed copy of MySql.
>I mean, the application is designed to work only with MySql as database
>engine and the MySql package delivered with the application, is licensed
>under GPL.
>Could the developer claim License rights upon the use of such a
>combination ?
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GPL said that the source code must be delivered with the application 
(or it is available as FTP, mail, ...).
The user can distribute the application without asking for a fee.
About two years ago I read a FAQ that asserts about a moderate costs.
The license is more restrictive about copyright and distribution but 
it doesn't contain any money issue.
If you have some question you can write to or you can report an abuse.


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