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From:David (SST - Adelaide) Logan Date:September 3 2004 12:51pm
Subject:RE: Fetch-on-demand
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Hi Martijn,

Perl certainly allows you to have multiple statement handles going on a
single connection. I'm not sure on the C API as I tend to stay with
Perl, this is with the proviso that I understand your email correctly


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From: Martijn Tonies [mailto:m.tonies@stripped] 
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Subject: Re: Fetch-on-demand


> > Does MySQL support fetch-on-demand of resultsets?
> >
> > And if so, does it support multiple cursors fetching on the same
> > using the same connection?
> >
> > If so, is it thread safe?
> What do you mean "fetch-on-demand"? I've never heard this term before.
> every fetch takes place when your program calls for it, isn't every
> already "fetch-on-demand"?

There are two ways to fetch a resultset -

1) fetch the entire resultset, close the handle (or whatever) and
cache the resultset locally so you can do your stuff.

2) keep the resultset open and fetch rows on a need-to-handle
basis. Sometimes also called a "server side cursor". Usually
forward only.

From my understanding, I believe MySQL can do (2), but my
question was if it can do (2) for multiple cursors at the same time,
or having a cursor open and execute other statements, on the
same connection.

And if so, if this is multi-thread-safe on a connection/network

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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