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From:E SA Date:September 1 2004 3:15pm
Subject:Compiling MySQL with OpenSSL
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I am trying to compile MySQL with OpenSSL in an
alternate location ( /data/OpenSSL ).

When I do that either configure will say that no
installation of OpenSSH is there (even with the
--with-openssl-includes= and --with-openssl-libs= ),
or it will compile without OpenSSL support ( show 
valiables like ... ).

My configure is as follows:

./configure --prefix=/data/MySQL
--exec-prefix=/data/MySQL \
 --enable-thread-safe-client --enable-asembler \
 --enable-local-infile --with-extra-charsets=complex \
 --disable-shared --with-openssl=/data/OpenSSL \
 --without-docs --with-vio

Has anybody suceessfuly compiled MySQL with OpenSSL
support in an alternate location?

The MySQL version is 4.0.20.

Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards,

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Compiling MySQL with OpenSSLE SA1 Sep