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From:Stuart Felenstein Date:August 24 2004 5:18pm
Subject:Re: Debating over table types
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Right, I have set up some tables with text columns that will need full text searching, In
those cases I chose myisam. 
Is there any danger in changing table types on the fly ? Not including the loss of any
foreign keys that may have been set up (innodb to myisam). I'm wondering more about data
corruption ?

Joe Audette <joe_audette@stripped> wrote:
InnoDb doesn't support full text indexes on text columns so if you need to search text
fields you may want ot use MyISAM. It is perfectly ok to have a mixture of InnoDB and
MyISAM in a single database so you can make your decision on a table by table basis.


Stuart Felenstein wrote:
I know the major differences between Innodb and MyIsam.
-table locking versus row locks
-foreign key support

I know there are more but those are the ones that stick out in mind.
I think Innodb requires a bit more storage space but I could be wrong.
In some cases foreign key support would be a nice thing. So my questions are:
What is the ultimate criteria for choosing Innodb. And, if I just want it because I like
to have the luxary of foreign key / cascading etc, is that reason enough to use them.


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