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From:Stuart Felenstein Date:August 22 2004 1:59pm
Subject:Re: Dynamic Queries
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First, thank you for the great response.  Also, sorry
cause on the reply , Yahoo was truncating the part I
wanted to reply about. 

Anyway, yes it was the second case.  I ask a user to
pick 5 colors, so in my table I have fields
In my uneducated mind I "thought" that would make for
better database integrity and normalization.  One I
anticipated the similar approach you stated, getting
users to input their queries correctly for a field
that contain multiple entries.  Second, I assumed that
having multiple words and or numerics could pose more
negative potential to the database then storing them
seperately. Last, I was trying to avoid arrays :).

Can you explain further and why this is bad db design.
   Also you mention that these rules would apply under
"normal" circumstances.  What might be not normal? I
have one form that offers multiple choices for

THank you,
--- Rhino <rhino1@stripped> wrote:

>I'm not 100% clear on what you have in mind here. I'm
>going to assume that you mean the *table* has one
>column for "dog" and that query form you are
>using has five input fields in which users can
specify >the breed of a dog.
>(The other possibility is that you have five columns
>in the table, *each* of which could contain the breed
>of a dog. That is a lot less likely because a
>properly normalized table should not have a repeating
>group like that in the table design under normal
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