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From:SGreen Date:August 17 2004 1:18pm
Subject:Re: Database Stats
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I can't tell you how to combine these results into one long list but you 
can use MS query to link an Excel worksheet (through an ODBC or OLEDB 
driver) to a database. After you set up all of your links (each link is 
database-specific and requires a query from you), all you would have to do 
is to refresh your datasets and it would re-run the queries and update 
your spreadsheet (all 25 of them). Then, you can copy the values (not the 
formulas) from one book to another for a static record. If you copied the 
formulas too, you may get the data links which could cause problems in the 
future (I am not sure, though , it has been a while. Maybe Excel handles 
that better now).

It may not be able to give you the data all in one long set but at least 
it automates the process of getting it into Excel.... I would give you 
more details but it has been several years since I last set up a workbook 
like this and I am afraid that I would be less than useful. 

Shawn Green
Database Administrator
Unimin Corporation - Spruce Pine

"David Mohorn" <dm4714@stripped> wrote on 08/16/2004 12:58:53 PM:

> I have about 25 databases that I need to run the same query against that
> returns about 5 columns of information.
> I need this information then published within an Excel spreedsheet. 
> What is the best way do handle this?
> Currently, I'm running each query manually, copying/pasting the result
> to Excel, and repeating...
> I need to run this procedure every week, and it takes a considerable
> amount of time.
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