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From:Donny Simonton Date:August 13 2004 6:19am
Subject:RE: Replication blocked
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There is only one thread for replication on the slave.  It does one step a
time.  If you use mysqlbinlog on one of your binary files on your master,
you will see exactly how it all works.

Multi-threaded would probably cause thousands of problems.  Unless it was
threaded per table, but that would still cause problems because of
multi-table deletes and updates.


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> Subject: Replication blocked
> Hi,
> I have 2 DB server, running as master and slave. I just add an index to
> one of my table on master, it took about 12 minutes. During adding the
> index, I have insert/update queries to other tables. On master this has
> no problem at all. The problem is, on slave these queries were blocked
> by the previous 12 minutes query. Does this mean that there is only 1
> thread to run the SQL from master? Can this be set to multithread? Thank
> you very much.
> Regards,
> bk
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