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From:Vivek Khera Date:October 27 1999 2:16pm
Subject:Re: Hardware Recommendations Wanted
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>>>>> "DHS" == Derick H Siddoway <Derick.H.Siddoway@stripped>
> writes:

>> I've heard of folks using IDE for boot/OS and SCSI for the real work, while
>> others proclaim it's taboo to mix SCSI and IDE.  So what's the scoop on
>> this?  Can I run an IDE for boot/OS and run the stripes/mirrors on SCSI?

DHS> My personal feelings are that this is complete voodoo if you're
DHS> talking about a real OS.  Windows, on the other hand, has shown
DHS> problems when I've mixed them together.

Voodoo?  Come on.  It works great!  I had a high-speed SCSI boot drive
croak, and for emergency repair I just plopped in a EIDE drive I
picked up at the Best Buy for a couple hundred bucks.  The SCSI drive
has been replaced under warrantee, and will be going back into service
whenever I get the chance.  I'm in no hurry since it works great the
way it is.  The data on this machine is on a pair of spliced
high-speed SCSI drives.

No voodoo, just not the ideal configuration for a new machine.  This
is on a BSD/OS 4.0.1 system, which is definitely a "real" OS.

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