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From:Victor Pendleton Date:August 10 2004 12:52pm
Subject:RE: mysqld_multi & different server versions
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You can use mysqld_multi to run different versions of MySQL on the same
Server. You can run 4.0.x, 4.1.x and 5.0.x and manage these with

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From: sean c peters
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Sent: 8/9/04 4:43 PM
Subject: mysqld_multi & different server versions

In my ongoing quest to get upgraded to 4.1.3 beta (yes the version I'm 
upgrading to keeps changing), i have been reading about mysqld_multi to 
manage multiple server instances on the same machine.

But, from what i've read, it appears that this is for running multiple 
instances of the same server version on one box. Same binary anyway. I
this because all the examples show as varying are the socket, port,
datadir, language, and user.
The [mysqld_multi] directive for my.cnf points mysqld at a particular 
mysqld_safe, which would imply that all the instances would use the same


So am i correct in thinking that i wont be able to use mysqld_multi for 
running two different server versions? This shouldn't be a problem, I
think i'll need it. Just wanted to check if im missing something.

sean peters

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