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From:Mark Matthews Date:August 9 2004 1:57pm
Subject:Re: infos over the internal meta-data for mysql-databases
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Michael Seele wrote:

| hi,
| i write a application in java that creates database-diagrams like
| ms-visio can do this! until now i only support ms sqlserver and oracle
| for importing data from the database and displaying a database-diagram!
| now i want to add mySQL support into my application! for this reason i
| need to know where the internal meta-data for the databases in mySQL has
| been saved! is there a special database which administate the
| mySQL-databases? please help me!
| thank you!


Is there any reason you can't use the functionality in the
java.sql.DatabaseMetadata interface? If you use that, you shouldn't have
to know _anything_ about the internal structure of any JDBC-compliant
database to get the information you need to create a database diagram,
as it's all done through _standard_ method calls.


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