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From:Terry Riley Date:August 8 2004 9:12am
Subject:Re: Query Cache
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Thanks to all who replied.

Terry Riley

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> We have the query cache turned on, and it appears to be working well.
> However, there appears to be no indication in the manual as to the time 
> that a cached query remains in memory. In the absence of this 
> information, is it safe to assume that a cached query remains there 
> indefinitely, unless either (1) one of the tables used in the initial 
> query is modified, or (2) the server is re-started?
> We are using ColdFusion MX, which has its own query cache (which is 
> very useful for whats called Query-of-query selects), but there the 
> residence time is configurable, and the timer is restarted if the 
> cached query is called before the timeout.
> Regards
> Terry Riley

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