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From:Whil Hentzen Date:August 7 2004 8:04pm
Subject:Re: Uninstalling MySQL
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On Friday 06 August 2004 19:49, environmentalny@stripped wrote:
> Greetings... How do I uninstall MySQL under linux (i have Fedora Core 2)...
> i will be installing a new version of it...
> I have 3.23 currently and will replace it with 4. Please Help Thanks

I just did this a couple of weeks ago myself, with your same situation (where 
3.23 was installed along with the usual server stuff w/ FC2).

The online doc at (select Developer Zone, then Documentation) 
has a section that describes where all of the files are for various types of 

2.1.5 Installation layouts

I used these tables to find all the old mysql stuff and just deleted them all. 
Then I installed 4 via RPMs and it's been working like a champ since.

I wrote up my experiences here:
Feedback on the whitepaper would be appreciated if it works for you (or 


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