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From:DebugasRu Date:August 6 2004 1:26pm
Subject:standard processing of metadata
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>> as far as i know, there is only 1 way to extract the foreign key relations
>> from a table: "show create table <tablename>".
>> Are there any others?

MT> The "comments" column  in SHOW TABLE STATUS is supposed
MT> to list the FKs as well.

since SQL89 standard lot of things got standartized but still there
are more things to unify. One of them is metadata (system tables that
a given DBMS uses) processing. I want to ask if there is going to be any standard on
that ? Namely any unified way (for different DBMSs) to extract and
modify metadata about the user database - primary keys, foreign keys, info on
cascade updates/deletes settings, default values, ranges of allowed values and so on.

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