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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:April 12 1999 2:02pm
Subject:Re: Above-board and beyond reproach?
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This is a thread I always find interesting.  I have a script use to test
Mysql on 3 different platforms:
I have a Pentium pro 180, 64 Mbytes of ram, a 8.4 GByts IDE drive with NT,
service pack 4.  I also have a 4.3 GByte drive with Linux Redhat 5.2 and a
4.3 GByte drive with Solaris 7.

Use a Perl, MySql module script to create a database with zip codes -
64,000 entries.  The best performance is on the NT system (about 2 hours).
Linux and Solaris are about the same, 20% slower.  I am using 3.22.20
installed from binaries on all three platforms.

One interesting thing is that the older version of Mysql, 3.21.19 ran the
same script about 50% faster on NT.  It ran about the same speed as the new
version on Linux and Solaris.

>Brian Timmins wrote:
>> ...
>> When you give performance statistics, is it fair or honest to 
>> compare an SQL database running on NT with one running on LINUX?
>> (or indeed ANY UNIX)
>> ...
>> Hands-on-heart, honest, comments anyone?
>How else is one to arrive at the very best platform to run 
>your system on?
>Only an idiot says "I want a machine to run an XXX system, 
>it must give the BEST performance possible [but it HAS to 
>run under Windows 95/BeOS/etc.]".
>Everyone knows the correct thing to do is to first choose 
>your application then choose the best system to run it on.
>So once you've chosen [for example] MySQL as your database 
>you are then free to choose the best platform to run it on. 
>Depending on your budget it may be Linux or Solaris but it 
>is unlikely [based on performance figures] to be Windows 95 
>or NT!
> 1. Choose the software for the job.
> 2. Choose the best OS the software will run on.
> 3. Choose the fastest hardware your budget will allow.
>Note: [3] is NOT a case of "getting the fastest CPU going" 
>      but "buying fast SCSI disks & lots of RAM"...
>If it ain't opinionated, it ain't Rich Teer.
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