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From:Fred Read Date:April 12 1999 1:48pm
Subject:Re: Above-board and beyond reproach?
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Brian Timmins wrote:
> ...
> When you give performance statistics, is it fair or honest to 
> compare an SQL database running on NT with one running on LINUX?
> (or indeed ANY UNIX)
> ...
> Hands-on-heart, honest, comments anyone?

How else is one to arrive at the very best platform to run 
your system on?

Only an idiot says "I want a machine to run an XXX system, 
it must give the BEST performance possible [but it HAS to 
run under Windows 95/BeOS/etc.]".

Everyone knows the correct thing to do is to first choose 
your application then choose the best system to run it on.

So once you've chosen [for example] MySQL as your database 
you are then free to choose the best platform to run it on. 
Depending on your budget it may be Linux or Solaris but it 
is unlikely [based on performance figures] to be Windows 95 
or NT!

 1. Choose the software for the job.
 2. Choose the best OS the software will run on.
 3. Choose the fastest hardware your budget will allow.

Note: [3] is NOT a case of "getting the fastest CPU going" 
      but "buying fast SCSI disks & lots of RAM"...


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