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From:Terry Riley Date:August 3 2004 9:31am
Subject:Bin-log strangeness
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I've just taken a look at a recent bin-log, and found a stack of code 
which started with 'SET ONE_SHOT CHARACTER_SET_CLIENT=33', and went on to 
deleting blank users from the user table and inserting rows into the 
mysql.db table, such as 'test', 'test\_%', and some of the existing dbs.

I do not remember, at the time this was done (evidenced by some updates 
either side of it on other tables, which are datetime fields), doing any 
updating or checking or optimization etc.

Using 4.1.3b-beta on WinNT with Apache2. The databases 'affected' were all 
MyISAM, but not all the MyISAM dbs were involved (IYSWIM).

Have I been hacked (which is possible, as we haven't yet sorted the user 
privileges, and still have anonymous in there....)? Or is this some 
internal updating by MySQL itself? 

I've now updated the security (as recommended by the documentation), but 
I'm still miffed by this set of entries.

Any hints would be gratefully accepted.

Terry Riley

Bin-log strangeness(Terry Riley)3 Aug