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From:Yves Goergen Date:July 28 2004 4:33pm
Subject:Re: MySQL 4.0.20 and UTF-8?
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I'm using UTF-8 in my newsboard, too, and I have no major problems with 
it. UTF-8 doesn't need to be handled as binary, I believe, since all 
characters should be in a range over the control characters. Anyone 
please correct me, if that's wrong...

Sorting will not work as expected, special characters are represented as 
multiple other characters that might not be in the order you'd expect 
them to be.

My search uses LIKE and I have no problems with it. The browser brings 
me already UTF-8 data and I cannot imagine why it should not be usable 
in LIKE queries.

Yves Goergen <nospam.list@stripped>

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