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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 27 2004 2:11am
Subject:Re: transferring MySQL db from RedHat to Debian
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At 17:39 -0700 7/26/04, Shannon R. wrote:
>hello list!
>i'll be moving from a RedHat server to a Debian server very soon. 
>despite the different linux distributions, is it ok to transfer my 
>entire mysql database by just copying everything in /var/lib/mysql 
>of the RedHat system to the Debian system? has anyone tried this 

I'd expect it to work.

>the reason why i don't want to do the database transfer using data 
>generated by mysqldump is because i want all the auto-generated 
>record_ids to stay the same in the new system.

I'd expect this to work, too.  mysqldump will dump the values that those
auto-generated IDs currently have, and they won't change when you reload
them.  AUTO_INCREMENT values aren't generated automatically unless you
store NULL or zero into them, which won't be the case with mysqldump
files.  (I assume here that you didn't do something unsupported like
change the values to negative numbers or zeros after generating the IDs.)

Paul DuBois, MySQL Documentation Team
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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