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From:Charles Sprickman Date:July 26 2004 8:09pm
Subject:mysql libs and multiple hostnames
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Sorry to re-send, but I lost some mail and thought perhaps this was
answered and I missed it, but looking at the archives I don't see any



I have a quick question about how programs linked against the mysql C
libraries handle the following:

-assume three mysql hosts, say,, and
-assume a dns name "" that returns the following:
 bob@xena[~]$ host has address has address has address

If my client program repeatedly connects to "" and my
nameserver round-robins through those IPs, will the client also keep
cycling through those?  What is the behaviour if one of those hosts does
not respond?  Will the client application then try the next one?



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mysql libs and multiple hostnamesCharles Sprickman26 Jul
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