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From:DebugasRu Date:July 26 2004 3:24pm
Subject:Re[2]: nested sets
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Hello Aman,

Monday, July 26, 2004, 6:03:07 PM, you wrote:

>> Hello,
>> I have a question related to nested sets:
>> On my website a user should be able to create subusers and give them the
>> rights to add/change/delete subsites of the users website. If I remove one
>> or more rights to a user all of its subusers should have the same
>> restrictions as the user. If I grant the rights to the user back all
>> subusers should get their orginal rights

AR> If, say there was a way, you could remove the c and d rights from
AR> subsequent users by removing it from User2, I think you are talking
AR> about some kind of history retention (or memory engine)

I think he was talking about user roles.
one creates a role and then assigns that role to the users.
When one changes the role rights then automatically users' rights
change according to the roles they have.

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