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From:tinys xuefer Date:July 25 2004 12:26pm
Subject:what does Rows_examined mean exactly?
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# Query_time: 14 Lock_time: 0 Rows_sent: 30 Rows_examined: 771327
SELECT * FROM `post` LIMIT 771297, 30;
i dp have privmary key on table `post`
does 'Rows_examined: 771327' means mysqlserver read through those 771327 
rows to get 30 rows?
it takes 14 seconds!

possible to show 'Rows_examined' in a explain or other commands? slow log is 
hard to debug..

and possible to optimize?

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what does Rows_examined mean exactly?tinys xuefer25 Jul
  • Re: what does Rows_examined mean exactly?Michael Stassen25 Jul
Re: what does Rows_examined mean exactly?tinys xuefer26 Jul