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From:bruce Date:July 23 2004 7:50pm
Subject:RE: building mysql-5.0 clarification
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clarification, i'm using mysql-4.1.3. the reason i can't use the
binaries/rpms is that i have a dependency conflict with openssl..., so i
need to be able to rebuild to make everything work. unless anyone has a
different solution...



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Subject: building mysql-5.0


i'm building mysql-5.0 from src for rh8.0. my question has to do with
how/where i find the lib.

when i've built the mysql-5.0 i haven't found this file. it appears that
this file has been included in the mysql-shared-compat* file, but i can't
find this file either for the mysql-5.0.

the reason i appear to need this file is that when i try to use "DBI" in
perl, the perl app complains that it can't find the

so, i'm basically trying to figure out what i need to do/build/install to be
able to use perl (5.8.0) and communicate with a mysql-5.0 database...

all of this was working before i decided to test out the mysql-5.0!!!!

searching mysql/cpan/google hasn't shed any light on this issue...



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