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From:Jose de Leon Date:October 26 1999 4:13pm
Subject:Re: Hardware Recommendations Wanted
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Hello Ken,

IDE has certainly come a long way, but the top of the line SCSI is way ahead
IDE, especially when dealing with multiple drives.  When going with SCSI and
concerned about responsiveness, it is important you go with top of the line
SCSI controller and top of the line SCSI hard drive.  You can have the best
controller but then put a SCSI-I device on it and you will get crappy
performance as your SCSI-I device is a bottleneck.

Since your databases are small and you are mostly concerned with page
serving (reads) and I'm assuming you will want "READ" responsiveness and
"WRITE" response is not as important, I'd go with Raid-1 (mirroring).
Easier to restore in case of drive failure, your writes will be slow because
it must write to two disks, your reads will be twice as fast because the
smart controller will read from whichever disk is ready at the moment.
Hardware Raid will always be faster than software based Raid.  I have been
using DPT SmartCache IV Raid and have been very satisfied with it.  You can
have as much as 64MB cache memory for the Raid Controller which speeds
things considerably.  DPT ( has a new controller out that is
even better.  Check it out.

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Subject: Hardware Recommendations Wanted

Greets All:

I'm building a new box that needs to host about 100 medium traffic
websites.  It will be a 450 MHz PC clone w/ 512MB RAM and run Apache, PHP,
Postfix, MySQL (mostly), and PostgreSQL (some).  The databases are
relatively small, and mail is just for support, not any high volume lists.
The box is for hosting client sites for a local webdev shop, not a vhosting
biz in and of itself.  Emphasis is on quality and responsiveness rather
than maximum utilization.

In the past I've been too poor for SCSI and opted for 2 IDE drives set up
with mail and databases on one drive and the www stuff on the other.  I've
got enough funds to use SCSI on this new rig though and would appreciate
some advice.  I'm considering using 2-3 drives and possibly running striped
mirrors via a volume manager.  Or is this way overkill?  What would be the
recommended way to set something like this up?


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