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From:Singer Wang Date:July 20 2004 7:56am
Subject:Re: Relational Integrity
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RAM is Cheap, so is a faster processor.. (InnoDB requires more RAM/Processor then
the simpler MyISAM)..

but your data and downtime is probably a lot more expensive. Its well worth it
going with InnoDB. 

For most of what I do, I use a combination of InnoDB and HEAP Tables. 

On Tue, Jul 20, 2004 at 09:43:40AM +0200, Martijn Tonies (m.tonies@stripped) wrote:
> Hi Roy,
> If this is a business application, don't go without
> transactions and foreign keys. Plain and simple.
> Use InnoDB.
> With regards,
> Martijn Tonies
> Database Workbench - developer tool for InterBase, Firebird, MySQL & MS SQL
> Server.
> Upscene Productions
> > I need so general guidance on relational integrity.
> > I'm setting up a reasonably small DB with 30 or so
> > tables for a machine control application. Several of
> > the tables will have referential links to each other
> > (e.g. a finished part table will link to a master
> > part type table via the product ID number).
> > None of my table will ever contain more than a few
> > hundred thousand records.
> >
> > This database is a conversion from an existing MS SQL7
> > system in which I made extensive use of foreign keys.
> > SQL7 has worked out well in the past but Windows and
> > VBNet has ceased to be an efficient machine control
> > development environment. We have decided
> > to migrate to Linux on all of our new systems where
> > practical.
> >
> > My first stab at a MySQL implementation is to use the
> > MyISAM table structure and not the InnoDB structure,
> > foregoing the use of explicit foreign keys and letting
> > my apps take care of the relational integrity. I gathered
> > from reading DuBois that this is not an uncommon approach
> > to a MySQL implementation. Question: Are the advantages
> > of MyISAM tables vs. InnoDB tables sufficient for me
> > to continue this approach or am I better off setting
> > up InnoDB tables throughout?
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