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From:Jeyabalan Murugesan Sankarasubramanian Date:July 20 2004 6:16am
Subject:Re: empty_blob() equivalent
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Actually i need to add a wavefile in byte[] format to the table with column name blob_col
of type blob.  In Oracle empty_blob() is inserted into the table. While retrieving
OracleResultSet supports getBLOB(). This returns oracle.sql.BLOB. From this i am able to
insert the byte[] with the following code.

oracle.sql.BLOB myblob = ((OracleResultSet)rs).getBLOB("blob_col");
OutputStream os = myblob.getBinaryOutputStream();

This works in Oracle, which i m migrating to MySQL. For this i need equivalent thing so
that i can insert byteArray in column blob_col.

> In the last episode (Jul 20), Jeyabalan Murugesan Sankarasubramanian said:
> > Is there any equivalent of empty_blob() in mysql. Kindly guide us in
> > this regard. Thanks in advance.
> You didn't tell us what empty_blob() is supposed to do.  If
> empty_blob() checks to see whether a blob is empty:
>   SELECT .... WHERE myblob = '';
> If empty_blob() zeroes out a blob:
>   UPDATE ... SET myblob = '';
> blobs are just large varchars, basically.
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> 	Dan Nelson
> 	dnelson@stripped


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