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From:Lachlan Mulcahy Date:July 20 2004 12:08am
Subject:RE: InnoDB my.cnf settings on OS X 10.3 Server?
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The InnoDB tablespace may span multiple files and may even be configured to
use raw devices, thus, the filesystem really doesn't limit the maximum
InnoDB tablespace size. The maximum InnoDB tablespace size is 64TB.

Eg. of multiple files/devices


Hope this helps,

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From: Kieran Kelleher [mailto:kierank@stripped]
Sent: Tuesday, 20 July 2004 6:15 AM
To: Mysql
Subject: InnoDB my.cnf settings on OS X 10.3 Server?

I am trying to figure out the best innodb paramaters in the my.cnf
file. Server is XServe, single CPU, G4 1 GHz, OS X Panther 10.3.4 with
2 GB RAM and 180GB hard drive, MySQL version  4.0.20. Right now I am
running on default params.

Does anyone out there have a suggested innodb parameters or even a
working set of params that I could start with.

Also, does anyone definitively know what the maximum filesize is for OS
X Panther (and consequently the max innodb tablespace filesize?

Regards, Kieran

Dev Config = OS X 10.3.4 / Java 1.4.2 /  WO 5.2.3 / XCode v1.2 / MySQL
4.0.20 / Connector-J 3.0.11
Deploy Config = OS X 10.3.4 Server / Java 1.4.2 / WO 5.2.3 / MySQL
4.0.20 / Connector-J 3.0.11
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