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From:Peter Paul Sint Date:July 19 2004 10:48pm
Subject:phpMyAdmin does not show mysql-db, MacOS
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After installing mysql, 
php <>
and phpMyAdmin 2.5.7-pl1
 (following )
Mac OS 10.2.8, MySQL4.1

the tests in the mentioned tutorial end elsewhere seem to run ok

  (or with my absolute URL instead localhost)
I get:

Welcome to phpMyAdmin 2.5.7-pl1 - Login
Language: English (in popup)
The configuration file now needs a secret passphrase (blowfish_secret).

but no database or login field is shown.
 (I did not touch anything with blowfish)

This may be some item not enabled in httpd.config/mysql.config or some permission problem 
but I am not able to find the cause.
I am grateful for hints where to look.

New to all 3 intallations I do not yet understand much about the code in index.php.
It should work together with my mysql_database.

Some uncertainties with intalling php on 10.2:
The installer Entropy-PHP-4.3.4-2.dmg has not enabled:

AddModule mod_php4.c
LoadModule php4_module        libexec/httpd/

(enabling them does not change anything - it may be implicit in include or other quiet

(the Mac-client CocoaMySQL runs successfull on the Mac after switching to old-passwords
/i.e. short password hash/ and allows proper access according to grants in MySQL. /Thanks
to Bill Allaire from this list/. However, I want to make the db also visible to selected
MSWindows users.)
Peter Sint
phpMyAdmin does not show mysql-db, MacOSPeter Paul Sint20 Jul
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