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From:Kieran Kelleher Date:July 19 2004 8:15pm
Subject:InnoDB my.cnf settings on OS X 10.3 Server?
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I am trying to figure out the best innodb paramaters in the my.cnf 
file. Server is XServe, single CPU, G4 1 GHz, OS X Panther 10.3.4 with 
2 GB RAM and 180GB hard drive, MySQL version  4.0.20. Right now I am 
running on default params.

Does anyone out there have a suggested innodb parameters or even a 
working set of params that I could start with.

Also, does anyone definitively know what the maximum filesize is for OS 
X Panther (and consequently the max innodb tablespace filesize?

Regards, Kieran

Dev Config = OS X 10.3.4 / Java 1.4.2 /  WO 5.2.3 / XCode v1.2 / MySQL 
4.0.20 / Connector-J 3.0.11
Deploy Config = OS X 10.3.4 Server / Java 1.4.2 / WO 5.2.3 / MySQL 
4.0.20 / Connector-J 3.0.11
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