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From:Aman Raheja Date:July 19 2004 4:31pm
Subject:Optimize problem on BIG table
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I have a HUGE table, with hundreds of millions of records.

mytab.MYD 78GB
mytab.MYI 16GB

I decided to get rid of some old data because I can't INSERT into this 
table anymore, since the MAX for index file is reached.

Following is what I did and what I got.

mysql> DELETE FROM mytab WHERE modified < 20040601000000; OPTIMIZE TABLE 
Query OK, 163592026 rows affected (4 hours 5 min 48.61 sec)

mysql> OPTIMIZE TABLE mytab;
| Table        | Op       | Msg_type |Msg_text              |
| trlogs.mytab | optimize | error    | 28 when fixing table |
| trlogs.mytab | optimize | status   | Operation failed     |
2 rows in set (27 min 52.21 sec)

$ perror 28
Error code  28:  No space left on device

I agree that there is not much disk space.

THE ISSUE: I want to reclaim the disk space that should be freed because 
of the millions of records I deleted. I need disk space to reclaim disk 
space? Atleast that's what it seems to be.

I would await suggestions from experts.
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