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From:James Turinsky Date:April 12 1999 10:07am
Subject:Re: Linking mySQL to website
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From: Tomislav PETROVIC <tpetrov@stripped>
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Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 4:37 AM
Subject: Re: Linking mySQL to website

>Look up PHP: ...........

>Works with many servers on Windows (and what is important for you)
>on UNIX (it can be compiled as Apache module)....

<BLURB> Gotta mention mod_perl as an option, you just need perl, the DBI and
MySQL modules,
and mod_perl for your werbserver. Apache works, quite well from what I hear,
on Win32, and
exceptionally well on Unices.  And there's lots of docs out there
for mod_perl and others for the database stuff.</BLURB>

>Yes, when you write a page with PHP you can just copy
>it between servers whic are PHP (MySQL)  enabled.....
>so porting actually includes installation of server and PHP and
>MYSQL (actually in reverse order).....
>No code rewrite neccessary.....

I think this is the same for 99% of the mod_perl/DBI stuff with the
exception of changing stuff t
move it from Win32 to Unix.

>> I am searching for a tutorial or person that can help me in linking
>> mySQL to a web site.  I am developing my site in Win'95 and would like
>> to port the application to UNIX.  I understand mySQL must be linked to
>> the website through ODBC, but do not exactly know what that process is
>> to make the link.  Can I link mySQL to the website through the Microsoft
>> Personal Web Server, or do I need a specific server with mySQL?  Thank
>> you for your help.

JT, LilithFair.ORG admin and poor college student

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