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From:Tomislav PETROVIC Date:January 1 1970 12:00am
Subject:Re: Linking mySQL to website
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Look up PHP: ...........
It is server side scripting language similar to C with
extensive support for various databases including MySQL....
Works with many servers on Windows (and what is important for you)
on UNIX (it can be compiled as Apache module)....

Yes, when you write a page with PHP you can just copy 
it between servers whic are PHP (MySQL)  enabled.....
so porting actually includes installation of server and PHP and
MYSQL (actually in reverse order).....
No code rewrite neccessary.....

> I am searching for a tutorial or person that can help me in linking
> mySQL to a web site.  I am developing my site in Win'95 and would like
> to port the application to UNIX.  I understand mySQL must be linked to
> the website through ODBC, but do not exactly know what that process is
> to make the link.  Can I link mySQL to the website through the Microsoft
> Personal Web Server, or do I need a specific server with mySQL?  Thank
> you for your help.  

Yes, it works MS Personal Web Server......

No, no ODBC required...........
Although if you want you can use ODBC to connect to database but
PHP has native drivers for MySQL so using ODBC would be *stupid*....

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