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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 4 2004 7:59pm
Subject:Re: mysql sql question
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At 12:54 -0700 7/4/04, bruce wrote:
>i have two hypothetical tables
>create table owner (
>     -> name char(20) ,
>     -> ownerid int(10) auto_increment primary key);
>create table dog (
>     -> name char(20) ,
>     -> ownerid int(10),
>     -> dogid int(10) auto_increment primary key);
>i'm curious as to how i'd go about inserting a name and the id of the owner,
>in table "dog", in a single sql statement.
>something like this psuedo sql..
>  insert table (name, ownerid) values ($name, $ownerid)
>    where owner.owner = owner

This won't work, because there is no guarantee that the name of your
owner is unique.

Some techniques that might be useful in this situation can be found

>in other words, an app would supply the values for the "dog name", and the
>"owner". the sql would be able to derive the "ownerid" for the "owner" from
>the owner table, and then be able to insert the "ownerid", and "dogname"
>into the dog table...
>searching through google gets me to being able to write a php/perl script
>where i can do this using multiple sql statements.. but i'm trying to see
>how to do it in a single statement...

You can't, for the reason noted above.

If you happen to have a unique index on the column, then
what you might want to try is the INSERT INTO ... SELECT FROM form

>any comments/criticisms would be helpful...

Paul DuBois, MySQL Documentation Team
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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