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From:Dan Nelson Date:July 4 2004 6:02am
Subject:Re: Can't Publish Tables Online
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In the last episode (Jul 03), David Blomstrom said:
> I've published several tables to two different online databases using
> phpMyAdmin. It seemed fairly simple, so I was surprised when it
> didn't work for me tonight.
> Next, I "Browse" to the SQL file I want to import. If I remember
> correctly, I initially assumed that "Autodetect" would cover all my
> bases, but I discovered that I couldn't import my tables unless
> "None" was selected. At any rate, I've been trying both without
> success.
> Another thing I noticed is that there's no indication if a table has
> been successfully imported. I mean, there may be a message indicating
> a successful operation, but you can't tell if it was really
> successful unless you check the table.

These sound like bugs in phpmyadmin and don't really have anything to
do with mysql itself; you might want to try one of the phpmyadmin
forums or lists at .

	Dan Nelson
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