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From:David Blomstrom Date:July 4 2004 5:44am
Subject:Can't Publish Tables Online
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I've published several tables to two different online
databases using phpMyAdmin. It seemed fairly simple,
so I was surprised when it didn't work for me tonight.

I'm not sure if I forgot part of the process, or if
something's wrong with the database, website, etc.

In phpMyAdmin, I click "Query Window." At the top of
the pop up query window, I click "Import Files."

Next, I "Browse" to the SQL file I want to import. If
I remember correctly, I initially assumed that
"Autodetect" would cover all my bases, but I
discovered that I couldn't import my tables unless
"None" was selected. At any rate, I've been trying
both without success.

Another thing I noticed is that there's no indication
if a table has been successfully imported. I mean,
there may be a message indicating a successful
operation, but you can't tell if it was really
successful unless you check the table.

The exception, of course, is if you have no table
online to begin with. In this case, I don't, so I was
expecting to see a new table name appear after the
operation was completed, but nothing happens.

Do you know where I should begin my troubleshooting?
What are some other ways of getting tables online? The
last time I tried importing my entire database, I kept
getting timeout errors, so I'm now importing them one
table at a time. I've stripped out most of the keys -
especially the foreign keys - so there's little or
nothing to trip them up, but it still isn't working.

Any clues?

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Can't Publish Tables OnlineDavid Blomstrom4 Jul
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