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From:David Blomstrom Date:July 3 2004 5:31pm
Subject:Re: 16-Page Database Table Limit?
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--- Rhino <rhino1@stripped> wrote:

> > > 2. What happens when you do 'select count(*)' on
> > > your new table?
> >
> > I'm not familiar with that command. If I type
> select
> > count (*) into the "query" box on phpMyAdmin, it
> says
> > count(*) = 0 Or is this a type of table query I do
> on
> > my webpage?
> >
> Sorry, I used a bit of shorthand there. The standard
> SQL query to determine
> the number of rows in a table is:
> select count(*)
> from <table_name>
> This query could be executed several different ways
> but the easiest is
> probably at your MySQL prompt.

Alright, I learned something new. I performed your
count query, and the result is 3569 rows! So I'm
guessing that Navicat correctly imported everything,
but phpMyAdmin just isn't displaying all the rows.

> I've never seen Navicat (or heard of it for that
> matter): does it give you a
> positive message to the effect that you have
> successfully loaded 3000 rows?

Navicat gives me nothing but positive messages, though
I don't think it specifies the number of rows loaded.
However, during the import process, there are a couple
panels where you can review your data. I'm not sure if
you're necessarily supposed to be able to preview
every single row, but in this particular case - table
"famarea" - the last row I can see is Andorra.

I looked at the csv file and discovered that the last
field in Andorra is preceded by three commas, whereas
the norm seems to be four commas. However, the row
before Andorra is just one comma. I don't know why the
number of commas should vary.

"asm","American Samoa","dep","asm","opa","Pacific

> > > Do you have any tables at
> > > all in your MySQL database that have more than
> 480
> > > rows? If yes, you've
> > > proven that MySQL tables can contain over 480
> rows.

I could have sworn that I had a working table from a
different database with about 3,000 rows. It's a table
of U.S. counties, and I thought I had working pages
for every state. I was still experimenting with it,
and I can't locate it at the moment. I'll look some

> A cut and paste of the complete table definition
> would be a lot more helpful
> than this paraphrase.

 As I said earlier, the full
> table definition and a few
> complete rows of the input file are very useful in
> determining what might be
> wrong. . . . Again, you haven't said
> what TYPE of table you are
> using. That's why the *complete* table definition
> would help.

Even better, I put a screenshot online at

...unless you're asking for a more technical
description from phpMyAdmin. I don't know to get that.


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