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From:bruce Date:July 2 2004 2:07pm
Subject:RE: iptables and mysql...
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we disagree on this...

properly configuring/securing the mysql app is both a linux/mysql issue...

it's an issue that would be useful to anyone running a mysql box, who's
interested/needs security...

we're looking for actual iptable examples, for both mysql server box, as
well as client boxes that would talk to the server...


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This is not a mysql question, and please do not cross post.
Any good book un Linux networking will cover this.
Open port 3306.

bruce wrote:

>i'm investigating what needs to be done to allow mysql on a server to be
>used remotely by client machines. each machine is running iptables. so i'm
>wondering what has to be in the iptables for the machine being used as the
>mysql server, as well as the client machines that will be communicating
>the mysql box...
>also, how would i test that the iptable/mysql configuration setup is
>i have rh8.0 and mysql v11.18-dist3.23.54
>any pointers/comments/criticisms or actual iptable configs illustrating
>would be extremely helpful!!!

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