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From:Martin Gainty Date:July 1 2004 7:31pm
Subject:Finding Tables created by views
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I have a table that is chock full of errors..(PLAN shows Table Access full)
so I know that it was created wrong
Is there an easy way to setup a query to locate all views that use this 


Martin Gainty
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>From: Bill MacAllister <bill@stripped>
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>Subject: Re: mysqld_safe in 4.1.2
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>--On Wednesday, June 30, 2004 07:36:23 PM -0500 Paul DuBois 
><paul@stripped> wrote:
>>At 13:58 -0700 6/30/04, Bill MacAllister wrote:
>>>I am a bit confused by processing of user= specifications in the
>>>mysqld_safe script.  Here is what I see:
>>>* If user= is specificed in the [mysqld] or [server] sections then it is
>>>  ignored and a flag is set that prevents the specification of a user
>>>  in any subsequent options parsing.
>>>* Otherwise the user will be extracted and used from either the
>>>[mysqld_safe], [safe_mysqld], or command line arguements.
>>Not quite.  For security reasons, only the *first* encountered instance
>>of the user option is used, and any others are ignored.
>>See the descripion of --user in the option list.
>Thanks for the pointer to the documentation.  I just missed it.
>But, my reading of the code in mysqld_safe (4.1.2) does not match the 
>documentation.  The first pass through the option sections [mysqld] and 
>[server] have the SET_USER script variable set to 2.  With this value set 
>any user specification is ignored, but specifying a user disables any 
>subsequent user specifications because SET_USER is set to 1.
>Also, I don't see any where that would generate warnings if there are 
>multiple user specifications.  It took me quite a while to figure out why 
>my mysqld_safe was trying to run the mysql server as mysql instead of the 
>user that I specified.  Still looks like a bug to me.
>>>This is counter intuitive if nothing else, and I really don't see
>>>why user should be parsed any differently than any other options.
>>>Am I missing something or is this a bug?
>>It's by intent.
>>Paul DuBois, MySQL Documentation Team
>>Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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