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From:Egor Egorov Date:July 1 2004 9:48am
Subject:Re: time on tenth of secounds
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"Matthias Eireiner" <matthias.eireiner@stripped> wrote:

> problem is, that I want to save the time with the fraction of seconds.
> as far as I know MySQL is fine with something like "D HH:MM:SS.fraction",
> but doesn't store the fraction. Is there anything that could fix that
> problem?
> I thought about an extra integer column only for the fraction, but I would
> love to use the MySQL built in sub and add functions.

There is no support for fractions in DATETIME type. Feel free to add the fraction
manually into another column. 

Do you really need database's internal functions to support high-resolution
time? MySQL is in no case a real-time DBMS. Even inserting a NOW() value into a
"high-resolution" DATETIME column will give you an unpredictable result as you
never know how much time for server it will take to process the query. 

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