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From:Egor Egorov Date:July 1 2004 9:44am
Subject:Re: mysql client connectivity and "orphaned" connections
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Jim <mysql@stripped> wrote:

> I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me exactly what happens when one 
> is using the mysql client on a remote server and the connection to that 
> server (in this case over ssh) gets dropped.

if your ssh session suddenly closes, the only thing that happens is that MySQL
command line client will exit. This will not stop server from processing
OPTIMIZE TABLE as this is an atomic operation. 

> In this case, I was in the midst of a long OPTIMIZE TABLE.  Stepped out 
> to get some coffee and the ssh connection timed out.  When I log back in 
> again, and log in to mySQL using the client, I can see that the first 
> mysql session is still in effect, and "show processlist" shows that the 
> state of the orphaned user is "Repair with keycache".  But, this is 
> taking too long (over 45 minutes) I think.

In some cases this may take DAYS, not minutes. :) 

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