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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 1 2004 12:36am
Subject:Re: mysqld_safe in 4.1.2
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At 13:58 -0700 6/30/04, Bill MacAllister wrote:
>I am a bit confused by processing of user= specifications in the 
>mysqld_safe script.  Here is what I see:
>* If user= is specificed in the [mysqld] or [server] sections then it is
>  ignored and a flag is set that prevents the specification of a user
>  in any subsequent options parsing.
>* Otherwise the user will be extracted and used from either the [mysqld_safe],
>  [safe_mysqld], or command line arguements.

Not quite.  For security reasons, only the *first* encountered instance
of the user option is used, and any others are ignored.

See the descripion of --user in the option list.

>This is counter intuitive if nothing else, and I really don't see 
>why user should be parsed any differently than any other options. 
>Am I missing something or is this a bug?

It's by intent.

Paul DuBois, MySQL Documentation Team
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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