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From:Chip Bell Date:June 30 2004 11:44am
Subject:RE: Server tuning
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Thanks for all your help with the authentication issue.  I still have it, but at least I
know what to look for.

My server is running RH9 with 3 gigs ram, PIII.  I have about 150 users at any given time
and they're all coming via IMAP or HTTPD.  They all authenticate against MySQL but the
mail is not stored there, it's in virtual domain files.  

My /etc/my.cnf

Set-variabe = max_connections=1000

Are these variables ok?  Reading my MySql manual, these were the best I could come up


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Subject: RE: Server tuning

max_memory is roughly equivalent to  ==> key_buffer_size + (read_buffer_size
+ sort_buffer_size) * max_connections

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From: João Paulo Vasconcellos
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Subject: Server tuning

Hello everybody,

  I am setting up a server to do POP/SMTP authentication using
vpopmail. I took a look at the variables at global my.cnf and wondered
what would be the best values for things like key_buffer,
read_buffer_size and table_cache. I searched the manual, but it does
not go deep in this subject, or I was not capable of finding the right
place. What I want to know is how can I calculate how much memory I
should give to key_buffer before I start to give away too much memory.
That's because I got only 1GB of RAM and I have about 34k domains in
my database, averaging from 8 to 15 accounts each. In a normal
situation, there are ~400 simultaneous clients. I was wanting to know
how can I estimate the memory usage for this scenario, if exists some
kind of formula to answer this, like:

clients * total size of key fields used in query

or if this is some thing that is clear in the manual (if so, my
apologies, but I could not find).

João Paulo Vasconcellos

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