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From:darren Date:June 30 2004 11:01am
Subject:threading problems in linux C client
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Hi all,

I am writing a multi-threaded client that requires shared access to a single MySQL
connection. The environment is Redhat 7.3 with the patched mysql-3.23.58-2.71.i386.rpm
installed and compiled with -l libmysqlclient_r.

The connection is made from the main thread and a MYSQL_RES* myres declared from the child
thread is used to fetch results back to the thread. I get a Segmentation fault the first
instance my child thread (only one) accesses MYSQL_RES through mysql_num_rows(myres). (gdb
informed me that this is due to  mysql_num_rows from

I have read a few docs about writing MySQL multi-threaded clients and have called
my_init() in my main prog and my_thread_init() at the first line of my thread handler.

Any ideas?

threading problems in linux C clientdarren30 Jun
  • Re: threading problems in linux C clientEric Bergen1 Jul