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From:Alejandro Heyworth Date:June 30 2004 12:46am
Subject:Re: Memory to Memory INSERTS
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I'm looking for a way to eliminate the construction, transmission, and 
parsing of the long multi-row INSERT queries that we are issuing from our 
client app.  Since we are inserting 200k rows a shot, we're looking for 
every boost that we can find.
    * Connecting: (3) [want to use a connection pool]
    * Sending query to server: (2) [want to eliminate]
    * Parsing query: (2) [want to eliminate]
    * Inserting record: (1 x size of record) [no way around this]
    * Inserting indexes: (1 x number of indexes) [no way around this]
    * Closing: (1) [want to use a connection pool]
Since we have already tuned the server, I'm looking for other ideas.

Radical ideas are welcome!

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