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From:Victor Pendleton Date:June 29 2004 8:41pm
Subject:RE: Server tuning
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max_memory is roughly equivalent to  ==> key_buffer_size + (read_buffer_size
+ sort_buffer_size) * max_connections

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From: João Paulo Vasconcellos
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Subject: Server tuning

Hello everybody,

  I am setting up a server to do POP/SMTP authentication using
vpopmail. I took a look at the variables at global my.cnf and wondered
what would be the best values for things like key_buffer,
read_buffer_size and table_cache. I searched the manual, but it does
not go deep in this subject, or I was not capable of finding the right
place. What I want to know is how can I calculate how much memory I
should give to key_buffer before I start to give away too much memory.
That's because I got only 1GB of RAM and I have about 34k domains in
my database, averaging from 8 to 15 accounts each. In a normal
situation, there are ~400 simultaneous clients. I was wanting to know
how can I estimate the memory usage for this scenario, if exists some
kind of formula to answer this, like:

clients * total size of key fields used in query

or if this is some thing that is clear in the manual (if so, my
apologies, but I could not find).

João Paulo Vasconcellos

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