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From:SGreen Date:June 29 2004 1:43pm
Subject:Re: Memory to Memory INSERTS
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I am proposing this as a hypothetical situation and I would like the full
feedback of the group:

Could Alejandro re-use the sections of the MySQL source code that handle
replication and bin-logging to make his data capture application appear as
a "Master" server and have his MySQL database act as its slave?

Would that be faster than periodic batch files with LOAD DATA INFILE?

Shawn Green
Database Administrator
Unimin Corporation - Spruce Pine

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                      06/25/2004 03:48 PM         Subject:  Memory to Memory INSERTS      


I'm looking for a better way to insert large numbers of rows from a client
application that is sampling physical data in real-time.  In our case, we
are using a C "double hipvalues[1000000]" cyclical array to buffer our
sampled values.

We're currently creating large query strings similar to:


We would like to continue to insert our values directly from our client app

without first having to dump the data to a temp file and LOAD DATA
INFILEing it periodically.

Any ideas?

Config values of interest:
key_buffer_size = 4G
bulk_insert_buffer_size = 1024M

We are using MySQL 4.1.2.


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