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From:Michiel Kreutzer Date:April 12 1999 6:25am
Subject:Re: Access front-end for MySQL DB on network
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You will find more info on how to set up a connection between mySQL and
Access in the mySQL manual. Look for myODBC. 

It can be done, and creating a new frontend from scratch is easier than
'upsizing' an Access database to (mysql & access). Don't expect all of
Access funtionality to work, though. I get the feeling MS Access is
'optimized' for use with MS SQL-server. 

- Remember to add a timestamp-field and a primary key to all of your
- Realise that 'referential integrity' is not enforced in linked tables.
(Does anybody have a workaround for this).

- You have to take care of unique id's yourself. I do it by putting a
default '=DMax("[Unique_ID]";"datasource")+1' in every form I use to
insert new records. 

Good Luck!
Michiel Kreutzer

Jeffrey Mercer wrote:
> How do I use Access as a front-end for a MySQL database running over a
> tcp/ip network? Has this been done before? Is it done routinely? Where
> can I get more info on this?
> --
> Best Regards,
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